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JetRockets is a leading technology service provider. We apply our deep knowledge and technical expertise toward developing ideal web and mobile application solutions, which help our clients achieve their business goals.

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Core Values

There is no silver bullet
One technology solution does not fit all projects. After developing many different software products across various industries, we know this for a fact. This is why we use technologies that are able to work well together and achieve a perfect fit for the majority of web applications. Nowadays any project could consist of a few services, and each of them can leverage the benefits of the most appropriate technology.
We believe that transparency and client engagement are key to project success. To facilitate transparency, we go above and beyond the usual "Weekly Status Updates" that our competitors use. Our clients have full access to our project management system and our development environment, where they can see the work as it progresses in real-time and can provide timely feedback when necessary.
Iterative Process
We believe that the best products are developed over time with an iterative approach coupled with information gleaned from user feedback. Our goal is to deliver viable products to market as quickly as possible without jeopardizing quality. We apply these same principles to our internal processes and team development as well. As a result, we are able to continuously grow and improve alongside our clients.
Effective Communications
We are a US-based company with headquarters in New York City. All of our programmers speak, read, and write in fluent English, so there will never be a situation where a requirement is not fully understood. We also understand standard business protocol in the US and apply the same principles to our company operations.
Our QA Team is involved in each project from the earliest planning phase to guarantee ongoing quality assurance. We implement automated testing when applicable and rely on manual testing for more rigorous validations.


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