Longreads from the Rocketship

LongreadsJune 16, 2020by Natalie Kaminski

Choosing the right technology stack for your project

Building a new software product? Make sure you are choosing the most appropriate tech stack and for the right reasons!

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LongreadsMay 19, 2020by Igor Alexandrov

Scaling Rails: Docker & AWS Beanstalk

Scaling Rails project still can be quite an interesting task.

We always want deployment to be as easy for developers as possible. On the other hand we want to pay less for the infrastructure, but be ready for unexpected significant increase of RPM.

In this article we show how to automate deploy of Rails application with Sidekiq and AnyCable to AWS Elastic Beanstalk using GitLab.

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LongreadsDecember 20, 2019by Igor Alexandrov

Two edge cases in PostgreSQL full-text search

We widely use PostgreSQL full-text search in our projects. It is fast, reliable, and doesn't add any additional technical complexity. But sometimes it may not work as you expect it too.

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