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TILOctober 18, 2019by Alexey Belousov

Activity Indicator in SwiftUI

There are a lot of elegant solutions for typical tasks in web development. One of such solutions is a Loader.css — library of animated activity indicators. It is actively ported to different languages and platforms. The following libraries are available for iOS:

  • DGActivityIndicatorView (Objective-C);

  • NVActivityIndicatorView (Swift).

I wanted to implement one of the styles (number 29 in the NVActivityIndicatorView list) on SwiftUI:

struct ActivityIndicator: View {

  @State private var isAnimating: Bool = false

  var body: some View {

    GeometryReader { (geometry: GeometryProxy) in

      ForEach(0..<5) { index in

        Group {


            .frame(width: geometry.size.width / 5, height: geometry.size.height / 5)

            .scaleEffect(!self.isAnimating ? 1 - CGFloat(index) / 5 : 0.2 + CGFloat(index) / 5)

            .offset(y: geometry.size.width / 10 - geometry.size.height / 2)

          }.frame(width: geometry.size.width, height: geometry.size.height)

            .rotationEffect(!self.isAnimating ? .degrees(0) : .degrees(360))


              .timingCurve(0.5, 0.15 + Double(index) / 5, 0.25, 1, duration: 1.5)

              .repeatForever(autoreverses: false))


      }.aspectRatio(1, contentMode: .fit)

        .onAppear {

          self.isAnimating = true




You can use this component as follows:

let kPreviewBackground = Color(red: 237/255.0, green: 85/255.0, blue: 101/255.0)

struct ContentView: View {

  var body: some View {

    ZStack {



      VStack {


          .frame(width: 50, height: 50)





This example can be used as a starting point for creating a universal activity indicator with support for different display styles.

Source Code

Source Code available on GitHub Gists.

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