Complicated business process automation

The goal of business process automation is to increase efficiency against the backdrop of cost-cutting.

The companies that have recently automated a number of their own processes also feel positive changes in other aspects of their business.
Since automation allows to collect additional data and simplifies its analysis, this helps to make easier decision making. This approach lets respond quickly to market changes and adjust processes more effectively in the event of market uncertainty.

Who do we automate business for

Solutions are applied for business of any size — if you have business-processes working offline, you will surely find the opportunity for automation.

Small business

Most of our clients are small businesses, who don’t need to create their own IT department at the moment. For these clients we initially make business analysis, launch their products step by step and then support. The group of two or four people, QA and project managers are usually responsible for development.

A majority of team members contact on a direct basis with our clients, it gives us an opportunity to solve the operational issues quickly and adapt plans. Often it’s unreasonable for such clients to create their own team for project realization since it’s very likely that developers will be dismissed after they achieve certain goals and business starts working steadily.

Medium to large business

For medium-sized and large businesses we also analyze business requirements, project architecture, and infrastructure, launch projects, develop and support them. Also, we can help with in-house team formation. We interview people, adjust processes and act as a remote chief technology officer. The most of projects for such clients are huge fintech solutions in the USA and Asia-Pacific Region.

Businesses with such projects have dedicated team of marketers and analysts who work in close contact with our developers. As a rule, a team consists of 4-8 full-time developers, QA and project managers.