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Use gem Recorder for db log πŸ’ͺ

Gem Recorder tracks changes of your Rails models

For start use this library in Rails 5.2 you need add gem to the Gemfile:

gem 'recorder', github: 'jetrockets/recorder', branch: 'rails_5_2'


> bundle install
> rails g recorder:install
> rails db:migrate

And final step β€” add to model:

include ::Recorder::Observer
recorder async: false

And it’s all πŸŽ‰

For an example - logs can be issued in the representer:

Recorder::Revision.where(item: object).order(id: :DESC).limit(10).map do |revision|
    userId: revision.user_id,
    userEmail: revision.user&.email,
    change: changes_type(revision)

def changes_type(revision)
  if['changes'].include?('drive_file_id') &&['changes'].size > 4 &&['changes']['drive_file_id'].present?
    'Object updated & Document generated'
  elsif['changes'].include?('drive_file_id') &&['changes'].size == 4
    'Document generated'
  elsif['changes'].include?('number') &&['changes']['number'].nil?
    'Object created'
    'Object updated'

But of course this is an abstract example with my data 😏

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