Ruby on Rails Upgrade

An outdated Rails application can hinder business development, slow down your site and web applications, and make you vulnerable to hackers and data loss.

While you are busy working out the details of your new product, it is easy to overlook new versions of Rails, Ruby, and Gems that are essential to the success of your project. Deprecated applications are subject to security risks, critical errors and incompatibilities with third-party services and libraries. Moreover, up-to-date software will allow your development team to take advantage of latest technologies and make your product more appealing.

Our development team will focus on upgrading and updating your application, while your business team will focus on customers and product improvements. This is an ideal collaboration.

Expert practice using Ruby on Rails

One of our founders, Igor, first used Ruby on Rails in early 2007. Since then, the JetRockets development team has made a considerable contribution to the growth of the Ruby on Rails framework. Our team has developed educational practice and training materials for novice programmers, has participated in and spoke at numerous technology conferences, helped create local Ruby on Rails chapters, and sponsored industry events.

Проверенный процесс для гладкого обновления

Обновления являются частью регулярного обслуживания, которое мы выполняем с нашими долгосрочными партнерами. За десятки обновлений мы освоили, что искать, чего избегать, и как обеспечить, чтобы обновление было плавным от начала до конца.

Обслуживание и поддержка

Мы не остановимся после успешного деплоя вашего кода. Мы ищем долгосрочные партнерские отношения так как хотим внести существенных вклад в каждый проект, в котором мы участвуем.