Ruby on Rails Code Audit

How stable is your code?

You can keep your code strong and scalable by completing regular reviews. Our team of expert Ruby on Rails developers can help you evaluate your code and ensure that it meets the necessary standards. Our extensive experience working with Ruby on Rails since 2008 has provided us with the opportunity to audit many applications developed by other programmers. Some of these were designed and implemented to near perfection, while others have suffered greatly due to bad errors in design or development. These mistakes almost always result in significant rework and budget increases, and can even lead to complete project abandonment.

A proven approach to any project

To help companies identify potential issues ahead of time, we have developed a standard audit practice that can analyze Rails applications at any stage of product development lifecycle. For example, you could be in the beginning stages of your product development and would like to receive feedback from seasoned professionals before moving on to the next phase. Alternatively, you might be getting ready for launch and would like to make sure that your application is stable and capable of handling the expected load once you are in production. In either case, JetRockets team will be happy to jump in and assist.

Detailed application code analysis

As a deliverable for the Ruby on Rails Code Audit, we provide a detailed analysis that includes:

Best Practices

  • Does your code adhere to the conventions of Ruby framework?
  • What is your testing process?
  • Does your code follow the DRY principle?


  • How secure is your application?
  • How does your system handle sensitive information?


  • How well do the application and the data model work?
  • Review the MVC structure.
  • Does the system have strong information architecture?

Future Planning

  • Is your application scalable?
  • What are the most important issues to-date?
  • How can we improve and speed-up the development process?