Ruby on Rails Web Development

We live and breath Ruby on Rails since 2008.

JetRockets was amongst the very first companies to embrace Ruby on Rails and to start offering custom development services using this platform. At first, many of our clients were sceptical about relying on this up-and-coming technology. Today, Ruby on Rails is a stable, well established and powerful open-source web development platform used by many successful companies across the globe.

Expert practice using Ruby on Rails

One of our founders, Igor, first used Ruby on Rails in early 2007. Since then, the JetRockets development team has made a considerable contribution to the growth of the Ruby on Rails framework. Our team has developed educational practice and training materials for novice programmers, has participated in and spoke at numerous technology conferences, helped create local Ruby on Rails chapters, and sponsored industry events.

User Driven Development

As a web development platform, Ruby on Rails allows developers to be more productive and focus on the task at hand rather than the technology. We employ User-Driven Development techniques ensuring that every product we develop does not only meet functional requirements, but is also easy-to-use, manageable, and effective.

Proven maintenance and support process for your project

Whether you are starting a new project or maintaining an existing system, JetRockets is able to offer the necessary solution. Our experienced team of developers provides full support at every stage of development cycle - from planning and design, to implementation and post-production support.