Rails Performance Audit

How fast is your web or mobile application?

Slow applications frustrate users and lead to product and service abandonment. Our team of expert Ruby on Rails developers can analyze the performance of your application in order to locate bottlenecks, suggest solutions and make your users happier!

Work with an experienced Ruby on Rails team

We are frequently approached by companies whose applications have significant performance issues, which results in negative user feedback.

Our extensive experience working with Ruby on Rails since 2008 has provided us with the opportunity to audit many applications developed by other programmers. Through this experience, we have developed a continuously evolving checklist for identifying issues and optimizing application performance.

Detailed application performance analysis

As a deliverable for the Rails Performance Audit, we provide a detailed breakdown of all possible bottlenecks that include:

  • Page loads
  • Browser rendering
  • Page caching
  • Rails code
  • Database
  • External data sources, third-party integration, and web services
  • Review and detailed explanation of your data from New Relic

Development of improvement list

We will work together with you to understand your immediate business needs as well as long-term goals. This understanding will help us develop the improvement plan that fits your business and provides the greatest ROI in the shortest time possible.

Determine the best solution for future development

While we identify and investigate your application’s performance issues, we can also warn you about potential issues your system may encounter in the future. These can be determined based on your strategic plans, current versions of software used, and availability of newer versions of the software in the future. If you’ve been considering rewriting your application because of the ongoing or severe performance issues, we’d be happy to complete the necessary assessment and help you understand whether refactoring and upgrading would provide a more efficient investment.