What was done
Upgrade to Ruby 2.1 and Rails 4.1 (from Rails 3.2), backend development, REST API development, support
  • June 2014 — to present
Ruby on Rails, Grape, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL
  • 1 back-end developer
  • > 830 commits
  • ≈ 35,000 lines of code
About MillionAgents
Developer and operator of online technology which enables field data collection at any scale using crowdsourcing or involving limited numbers of managed executors.



We have found JetRockets team after my colleague's recommendation and were interested to temporary fill the gap in our team. But, after working with Igor's team we've changed our mind about hiring in-house developers.

Using only one FTE at the start, we have met tremendous support from Igor himself. His experience, his in depth knowledge of modern web-development best practices and his willing to suggest balanced solution brought us a lot of value!

JetRockets are the first team in my practice who works totally aligned with our in-house team. Always online, always willing to help, always pushing things forward! These guys set the bar of expectations from subcontractors extremely high. It'll be a challenge to find another team to meet this level.

— Alexander Belsky, co-founder, managing partner


Alexandrov Igor, Private Entrepreneur

Russian Federation, 170100, Tver, 20 Stepana Razina Street, office 24